This photo gallery aims to provide a real representation of the models depicted in diagrams ; therefore , extra information of the models will not be provided other than the basic info.

   All the models in this gallery are folded by me .The total number of origami models in this gallery amounts to about 900 , with over one thousand photos. They are sorted into two types. One is by selected authors (36 authors ) and the other is by classification into ten major classes with sub-categories.     


1) Only the set sorted by classification contains the full collection of photos.  

2)  In addition, there are two sets of unsorted photos in full ( ie. in alphabetical order) for quick reference. One is in the form of assorted thumbnails in one picture and the other is in the form of web photo album with links to larger size photos.

        At the end , there are three additional memorial pages about Akira Yoshizawa , NeaL Elias and Philip Shen.

Have a happy tour all round this gallery. Thanks for your visit.

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All the small photos in this gallery have been filed in Picasa & Flickr respectively for additional quick reference.

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A photo web album of mine featuring the scenery pictures of Macau , a city in the neighbourhood of Hong Kong , in which I was born. These photos was taken by me from 2008 to 2009 , during which I was living in Macau.



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