Hi , I’m Gabriel Vong from Hong Kong. Welcome to Gabriel Vong’s Ori-Scope . [ previously also known as - Origami Kaleidoscope ]

It’s been almost eight years since the first launch of this web page , during which several major updates have been made. I only came across modern origami about ten years ago. Before that , I had little knowledge about origami. Even to date , among those multifarious hobbies of mine , I still have to confess that origami is not in a primary position among them , though I did have some passions for it in the past. Nevertheless , I did make considerable progress through the accumulated experience in preparing each update , though in fact I seldom do origami except during the time working for the update .

Unlike those people who take origami as a lifelong hobby , I find my passion in origami has subsided considerably during the past few years and finally , just several months ago , I decided it was time to quit , not just for my getting less and less interested in this but also for the sake of having more time to devote myself to other hobbies or to develop new hobbies .

In order to bring a happy conclusion and a good memory to this page , I have determined to give one more major update before I quit origami. This will be the ultimate update and the previous page is completely revised to the present one. In this update , I strive to encompass as many origami models I like as possible within the reach of my capability. They include new foldings and re-foldings , ranging from simple to complex and on the other hand , they have to be qualitatively acceptable to my present standard . Owing to the fact that most of them were made within a short period time before this final revision , special attention was given only to those models which particularly interest me .

Finally , I hope this ultimate update will help contribute to the origami world no matter how small it is. Thanks.


Gabriel Vong

2009 ( edited )




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